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Commissioner Frank Carollo
Bayfront Park Management Trust Chairman
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Bayfront Park Management Trust Board Members

The Bayfront Park Management Trust was created in 1987, by the Miami City Commission, to manage Bayfront Park "for the purpose of insuring maximum community utilization and enjoyment." The Trust also manages Museum Park. The nine (9) member board is led by Commissioner Frank Carollo. The following is a list of all board members:

Commissioner Frank Carollo
Marlene Avalo
Emilio Calleja
Alex Cardenas

Ralph Duharte
Frank Fernandez
Jeanie Hernandez
Nathan R. Kurland
Marie Louissaint

All Board meetings are open to the public. Meeting agendas can be viewed on this page approximately one week ahead of time and are subject to change.

************ AGENDA ************

Bayfront Park Management Trust Offic
301 N. Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, FL 33132
Tuesday, August 29, 2017, Noon

I. Welcome, Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call

II. Discussion of Trust Finances

  1. July 2017 Financial Report, Rudy Calderon
  2. Approval of July 2017 Financials
  3. Cumulative Arrearage Report, Rudy Calderon
  4. Discuss FY 2017-18 Budget
    1. Resolution 17-050, Approve BPMT FY 2017-18 Operating and Capital Improvement Budget

III. Approval Items

  1. Minutes from July 25, 2017, board meeting
  2. Consent Agenda
    1. Resolution 17-051, Ratify Directors and Offices annual liability insurance
    2. Resolution 17-052, Ratify Tina Hills stage painting expense
    3. Resolution 17-053, Ratify Bayfront Park playground equipment replacement
    4. Resolution 17-054, Ratify boom lift rentalResolution 17-049, Ratify traffic cone purchase

      Interim Executive Director recommends approving the Consent Agenda.


  1. Review and approval of upcoming events


  1. Museum Park.
    1. General update, Jose Gell
  2. Upcoming events


NEXT BOARD MEETING: September 26, 2017

301 North Biscayne Boulevard Miami, Florida 33132
305-358-7550 |